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Niyi Olopade

Welcome to our brand new Chef's Special collaboration. In this series, you’ll find delicious, flavour-packed ingredients and dishes on the menu such as Balinese Jam and Coriander Prawns, Mango and Harissa Chicken with Baby Roast Potatoes and Jerk Chicken, plus so many more.

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All of our meals are tailored to your calories, lifestyle and goals.

Look out for the black-lined tubs in your deliveries and enjoy this limited-edition flavour sensation!

Brand new dishes with the same high-quality nutrition.

Look out for the black-lined tubs in your deliveries and enjoy this limited-edition flavour sensation!

Sweet marinara sauce contrasting with the boldness of the garlic and chilli prawns. 

Brand new dishes. The same high-quality nutrition you know and love.

Worldwide flavours, delivered to your door.

Even as a chef sometimes it’s hard to find time to cook and that’s why I love Fresh Fitness Food

- Niyi Olopade

Niyi Olopade is the founder of Novice Kitchen, a business on a mission to bring global flavours to the everyday kitchen. Niyi grew up in Nigeria where bold flavours were an integral part of every dish. After moving to the UK, he found himself to be a novice in the kitchen, unable to match the level of flavour or spice his palate had become accustomed to. 

After working with chefs across Europe, Niyi’s passion for international flavours was heightened which is seen through his fusion of Mexican, Caribbean and Thai flavours throughout his recipes. 

Today Novice Kitchen offers an exceptional range of sauces, captivating supper clubs and a diverse array of recipes that provide a truly immersive culinary experience.

Meet Niyi


Garlic & Chilli Prawns

Juicy Jamaican-style jerk spiced chicken served with coconut rice, beans, and fresh lime.

Jerk Chicken

Unami packed sambal aubergine, with a sweet chilli kick, served over rice noodles.

Sambal Aubergine

Smokey and spicy with a hint of sweet, served with crispy baby roast potatoes.

Mango & Harissa Chicken

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