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A Plan For Every Goal

“The most important benefit I have seen since starting is how it makes me feel consistent throughout the day. With my extra time I can focus on doing the things that I want to do.”

Matt Bond

Entrepreneur and Director, Kustom Clothing

“I really cannot recommend the service more highly - I have a lot of life I want to live, I want to feel energised and healthy and I do not want to spend it in the kitchen!”

Heloise Nangle

Director of Partnerships, Athlo

Hear from our clients

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Feel Ready

Summer has arrived.

Built for a busy lifestyle

Complete Personalisation

Save Time

Flavour Meets Variety

Total Flexibility

All your nutritional needs are taken care of through meals, snacks and drinks making it effortless to hit your macros. 

No more shopping, prepping, or tracking: remove the hardwork and guesswork to save over an hour every day.

Enjoy a 15-day menu full of seasonal ingredients, vibrant colours and deep flavours. 

Add, skip and pause days to suit your calendar. Adjust your macros as your goals change.

Ready for whatever is on your plate

Optimise your everyday

High-performance food for high-performance people. Become the best version of you this summer by building your health from the inside out.

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How it works


Built on your biometric data

We take your biometric data, that’s info such as your height, weight, and age, as well as your lifestyle, to give you a personal nutritional target right down to the calorie and macronutrient split

Adjusted for your goals


Meal plans crafted with care


Delivered fresh to your door


We can then apply a calorie deficit or surplus to ensure you stay on track to your goals. Know your own macros? We can use those too. Use our iOS app and real-time tracking to further learn about your nutritional requirements.

Our in-house nutritionists create a meal plan that perfectly hits your personal macros and calories as well as provides you with the vitamins and minerals a healthy body needs.

Michelin-trained chefs prepare each meal fresh, and our team of drivers deliver them right to your doorstep, ready to eat, saving you over 1 hour every day to spend doing the things you love.

Choose from a range of plans such as Fat Loss and Build Muscle, preferences such as plant-based or low carb. You can even choose to have breakfast and lunch plus 2 extras to fit even the busiest social calendar. 

Fat Loss

20% Calorie Deficit

Supporting safe and effective fat loss, this meal plan focuses on controlling your intake whilst ensuring you are nourished with all the good stuff needed to keep your body functioning optimally.

Know your own macros?

Input your chosen macro split and we'll do the hard work balancing your personal nutritional requirements so you don't have to. Adjust the numbers as frequently as you like, leaving just 2 working days' notice for adjustments.

Lean Gains

10% Calorie Deficit

If burning fat, increasing lean muscle and getting a more toned and athletic physique is your goal, this is the plan for you. Improve your body composition, with the energy you need to fuel your training.

General Health

Maintenance calories

For healthy living, weight maintenance and expecting and new mothers, this plan provides you with just the right amount of calories to maintain your goal weight or to support you throughout your pregnancy and post-partum stage.

Build Muscle

10% Calorie Surplus

Designed with growth in mind, this plan supplies all the nutrients to build muscle, fuel your workouts and perform at your peak. Bring your muscle gain to the next level, helping you to lift more whilst facilitating your growth and recovery.

Save £60 off a 5 day trial.

Use code WEB60 at checkout.

Order Trial


Two payment options to suit every need


Start on a 5-day trial and then each Wednesday pay for only the deliveries scheduled in the following week.

£10 /meal

Contract-free, no commitment

Any combination of meals, snacks, juices, smoothies and booster shots

Ongoing nutritionist support

Flexible delivery schedule

Weekly payments

One fixed price

An upfront commitment for a set number of days. Plans range from 10 - 200 days. The longer the plan, the more you save. 


From £26 /day

A set number of days per plan

Price decrease with longer plans

Flexible delivery schedule

Ongoing nutritionist support

Any combination of meals, snacks, juices, smoothies and booster shots

Upfront or weekly payments

89% of clients hit their goals

7+ hours saved every week

Fuel your days this summer, whatever you have in store, with high-quality meals that meet your unique lifestyle, goals and needs at an individual level.

180 meals on the menu

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Meghan F.




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Summer has arrived..

Feel Ready

Get ready for a summer full of whole foods and seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, carefully chosen to help you feel and look your best all summer long. Meet your personal nutritional needs through refreshing salads, fragrant stir fries, zesty dressings and so much more.

Berry Coconut Yoghurt

A creamy yoghurt topped with fresh summer berries, FFF granola and crunchy almonds.

Introducing our brand new summer menu

Fresh, vibrant and packed with flavour.

A colourful array of plant-based goodness to bring a range of vibrant flavours to your door.

Quinoa Green Grain Bowl

A fresh, crunchy and classic dish with a healthier twist for a light and bright lunchtime meal.

Fresh Chicken Ceasar Salad

A fragrant glaze gives this dish a rich, smooth flavour while, packed with micronutrients.

Tamari Chicken Meatballs