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Get ready to achieve your goals with delicious, fresh meals tailored to you and delivered to your door.

Come for the goal.

Stay for the convenience.

Take out the guesswork and let us help you hit your daily targets.

No need for shopping, prepping cooking or cleaning up.

How it Works

Complete Personalisation

Choose Your Goal

Speak to the Experts

Prepared by Chefs and Delivered Direct to Your Door

We take your biometric data such as your height, weight, age and activity levels to recommend a daily macro and calorie nutritional target. Opt for a balanced plan or choose a nutritional preference such as low carb, plant-based and many more.

One of our in-house nutritionists will work to design your plan applying a 20% calorie deficit to your daily targets to keep you on track towards your fat loss goal in a sustainable and enjoyable way. No extreme dieting needed.

High-quality ingredients are carefully weighed out to ensure everything in your daily meals add up to your personal targets. The freshly cooked meals are full of nutrients and flavour, conveniently delivered to your door on the days you choose and ready to eat in just 2 minutes.

Get £50 off a 5-day trial

Start enjoying personalised nutrition today. Simply use code FITBRAIN50 at checkout.

On The Menu

No two meals are the same at Fresh Fitness Food.

Take a look at an example day on an FFF plan. Enjoy a varied 15-day menu designed with wholefood ingredients and nutritionally balanced with essential vitamins and minerals.


Coconut Yogurt with Spiced Granola and fresh Pineapple


Paprika and Lemon Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables


Carrot Cake


Speak with a Nutritionist

Our team of in-house nutrition experts are on hand to speak with you about your plan and tailor it to your tastes and tweak as you go.

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Fresh Fitness Food

Discover why we we're voted the UK's #1 meal delivery service and how you can enhance your potential through personalised meals.


Mexican Quinoa Patties with Wild Rice and Salad

Two payment options to suit every need


Start on a 5-day trial and then each Wednesday pay for only the deliveries scheduled in the following week.

From £9 /meal

Contract-free, no commitment

Any combination of meals, snacks, juices, smoothies and booster shots

Ongoing nutritionist support

Flexible delivery schedule

Weekly payments

One fixed price

*Before discount

An upfront payment for a set number of days. Plans ranging from 10 - 200 days.


From £23 /day

A set number of days per plan

Price decrease with longer plans

Flexible delivery schedule

Ongoing nutritionist support

Any combination of meals, snacks, juices, smoothies and booster shots

Upfront or weekly payments

*Before discount

Let us take care of your nutrition and join the 89% of clients who achieved their goals with Fresh Fitness Food.

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I've seen massive improvements for me. Initially, I wanted to start to lose weight. Achieved that, ticked that off. Now it's about maintaining weight.

Ugo Monye

Broadcaster and Retired England and Harlequins Rugby Player

Using Fresh fitness food is the best decision I ever made. I’d never be able to match the variety and flavours you get each day without spending hours in my kitchen. Eating well has never been so easy (and delicious)!

Courtney Pruce

Fitness Instructor and Content Creator

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Get £50 off a 5-day trial

Get £50 off a 5-day trial

Start enjoying personalised nutrition today. Simply use code FITBRAIN50 at checkout.

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A Plan For Every Goal

Fat Loss

Lean Gains

20% Calorie Deficit

10% Calorie Deficit

Maintain a constant, steady rate of fat loss in a safe, effective and sustainable way. This meal plan focuses on managing your intake, whilst ensuring you are nourished with all the good stuff to keep your body functioning optimally.

Perfect for those looking to burn fat and increase lean muscle as you work towards body composition. Fuel your workouts and maintain energy whilst in a slight calorie deficit to promote fat loss without compromising lean muscle mass.

Designed with growth in mind. Ideal for people looking to build muscle, fuel intense workouts and maintain a constant diet. Bring your muscle gain to the next level, helping you to live more whilst facilitating your growth and recovery.

10% Calorie Surplus

Build Muscle

Maintenance Calories

General Health

For a healthy, balanced life, focusing on regaining energy, vitality and overall wellbeing through a range of wholefood ingredients. This plan provides you with just the right amount of calories to ensure you maintain your goal weight with a range of nutrition preferences.